Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keeping Baby Busy While You Cook

Keeping a munchkin who is too young to help out in the kitchen happily occupied is always a challenge...especially with some kids who may be a little less than patient. Luc has a really short attention span...which probably has a lot to do with my emphasis on quick and easy recipes. I'd love to get a  Learning Tower
since I've heard such great things about them, but with a small kitchen, we just don't have the space.

Anyhow, Ohdeedoh just had a great post about strategies to help. Check it out here.

What do you do to keep your baby or toddler occupied while you're cooking?


  1. Lately I've been opening the drawer where our pots and pans are stored. Our toddler enjoys sitting beside the cabinet, taking the pots in and out. If he has a wooden spoon to bang the pots, he can be kept busy while I work away!

  2. Mark, same goes for me with Boris! A cabinet full of pots and pans, and wooden spoons and wisks, and empty food containers filled with a bit of grains. He just loves his little cooking space and mommy can work happily!


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