About Munch

Thank you for stumbling across my blog. My name is Michelle and I am a working mom to a very active 4 year old boy. I'm still getting used to being back in the workforce but I work for a great environmental organization that I'm glad to be contributing to. I have been very interested in cooking and food for a long time, so when my son was born it was a no-brainer that I would make his food with fresh and healthy ingredients, so I started researching...maybe a little obsessively. 

While there are lots of resources for information on homemade baby and kids food and children's nutrition, I found that far too many resources fell into two categories:

- Firstly, there were cookbooks written by pediatricians and nutritionists that offered great information and some good recipes, but that many of the recipes and food combinations in these books weren't particularly tasty

- Secondly, there were recipe books created by chefs and self-proclaimed foodies. These books offered less reliable information, but tastier "gourmet" recipes. However, many of these books contained recipes that were too much work. With a baby or busy toddler, I really wondered who had time to make some of these concoctions, and there is nothing more disappointing then using all of your precious "free" time to make something that receives a very definite thumbs-down, which is of course a very real possibility!

I then started to create many of my own recipes and adapt others that fulfilled my criteria of being: SIMPLE, QUICK, HEALTHY, TASTY, REAL and AGE-APPROPRIATE. 

I find that making healthy homemade food for the whole family is so worthwhile and I hope that you do to!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a pediatrician or a nutritionist, just an regular (albeit food-obsessed) mom, always consult your own doctor regarding your children's nutritional needs
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