Friday, December 31, 2010

December Challenge: Cutting our Grocery Bill...Results

Well I said that I would post with how I did with our December challenge to cut our grocery bill by a further $130 and I just finished tallying our receipts. And the result? We beat our goal and cut $170 of our grocery bills (both food and other grocery items)! That means that since we started this endeavor to trim our grocery costs we have cut a total of $639.39. The best part about this challenge has been that we are still eating food that is healthy and tasty. 

The single biggest contributor to this drastic cost cutting has been more effective meal planning, and I can't emphasis its importance enough. It requires some time up front but cuts down costs, waste, and stress... plus it's a great creative brainstorming exercise. I am so pleased with how things went this month and we have the freezer and cupboards packed to give us a great start to January. 

Happy New Year to Everyone!

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