Monday, May 2, 2011

Turkey and Mango Quesadillas

I had some frozen leftover turkey from Easter, but you could of course always use leftover cooked chicken to make these quick and fresh tasting quesadillas.I didn't include amounts for the filling because really, you can just eyeball it - just be careful not to overfill or it will come tumbling out as you try to eat. This quesadilla was completely gobbled when I put half of it in Luc's packed lunch. 

While there is nothing in this sandwich that makes it inappropriate younger babies, it's really best for older infants and toddlers fully able to eat finger foods.  You can either cut it into little squares for younger ones or cut into 4's as below for older toddlers, kids and adults.

Turkey and Mango Quesadillas

- cooked shredded turkey meat (or chicken)
- diced ripe mango
- Monterrey Jack cheese
- black pepper, to taste
- minced cilantro
- 6 inch whole wheat tortilla

Assemble the quesadilla. Only put toppings on one half of the tortilla and then fold it over. I like to put some cheese both first and last to make sure the whole thing melds together as it melts. 

In a frying pan on med-low heat, melt a tiny pat of butter (or you can spray the the pan with cooking spray,  but it doesn't taste as good). Press the quesadilla down occasionally as it cooks to flatten to make it easier for little mouths to eat. Cook until golden, melty, and yummy. Allow to cool somewhat before cutting to keep the goodness from escaping. 

* makes 1 adult serving or 2 toddler servings

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