Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Of Birthday Parties and Small Victories

This weekend we attended a friend's daughter's first birthday party! Luc had a fun time playing and it was a lovely party. It was also one of the first times that he's been exposed to non-'healthified' cake and candy. I was unsure what his reaction would be to this traditional birthday fare, but I also don't want to be the 'out there' mom who packs alternative food to every occasion. 

All the kids were sitting around the kiddie table to eat cupcakes. The other kids pretty much just licked off the icing, but Luc examined it for a minute, then picked the whole thing up to eat. He didn't seem extra interested in the icing. He ate most of it, but I helped him finish it off. :) There were also Smarties on the table that some of the other kids were grabbing and so I put one in front of Luc to see what he would do and he played with it for a few moments and then disregarded it and continued to eat his cupcake. I think he didn't realize it was edible since he's never seen candy and it looks nothing like anything he's ever eaten! 

I know he won't always be so indifferent to junk food and sweets but I still took it as a small victory that he was largely uninterested this time.

What have done/or are planning to do when your little ones encounter junk food?

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