Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bringing Up Bebe

We've been having some behavioral issues with Luc lately and just the other day I commented to my husband that I want to know the French secret for raising well-behaved children. Every time we've been in France we've been thoroughly impressed by how well behaved kids are, especially when it comes to eating habits.

When we head out to a restaurant in France and the table beside us has children seated with them we know that we don't have to worry about food flying our way, screaming, or anything else our own child does. It seems as though children never make a scene in a restaurant no matter how leisurely the meal... and this happens with no crayons, no kiddie menus, and no portable DVD players. 

I thought I would share this interesting article on the difference between French and American attitudes to feeding babies and child-rearing. So, while I admire the amazing manners that French children display, I definitely adhere more to the American style of feeding/raising children....so I guess I shouldn't expect Luc to behave like anything other than a typical North American kid!

What strikes you as interesting/surprising about this article?

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  1. Culture explains a lot. Each country does it according to their core values and then the individuals accept it or not. I know that even today, some choices we made for parenting Boris aren't mainstream here (co-sleeping for example, and now even extended breastfeeding). Boris' pediatrician never asked me about how I was planning to introduce him to solid food. She gave me the rules according to her profession and that's it. If only she knew that I gave him fruits and vegetables purees before cereals! I really think that now, with so many informations available, one is free to go and educate himself or herself to have that great opportunity to make sound choices.


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