Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amazing Play Kitchen and Market Stall Ikea Hack

Check out this amazing play kitchen and market stall hack over at IKEA Hacker using the RAST bedside tables! I'm currently looking for a great play kitchen for Luc and if only I had more time on my hands and were as ambitious as this DIYer I would totally make these! 


  1. We just got the Educo Creative Kitchen for Biscuit's first birthday, and she LOVES it. I thought about making one myself, but this one is just so cute and perfect. It's all wood and has a small profile, making it great for city living:

    It goes on sale every once and a while. We got it at less than $90, and are happy to know she will be using it for a long time.

  2. I've looked at some of the Educo ones. I'm trying to find one that's not too big (like the one you bought) but with a microwave and a fridge. It seems difficult to find one that isn't massive with both of those things as well as a stove, oven and a little storage. All the ones I've found that fit the bill are not available in Canada. I may yet get one by Educo or one by Kidkraft. Its good to hear that that one you picked has worked out well for your little Biscuit!


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