Friday, March 18, 2011

1st Week as a "Working" Mom

So I have now completed one week of being a working mom. It is certainly going to be huge adjustment for all of us. Luc is happy to go to day care and is visibly excited in the morning which certainly makes me feel better about this lifestyle shift. We are still working out new routines to make the best of our now even more limited make take a little while.

I promised myself that I would continue to post regularly...which I've obviously not lived up to! But I am commited to continuing to post here, it's been really helpful for me to keep my ideas and recipes sorted and to keep me inspired to cook new things. What's is going to help me keep up with this blog  (once I DO get my act together) is that my son's daycare doesn't have a kitchen and I have to plan and pack all of his food for each day. I'm actually glad I still get to have so much control over what he is offered to eat, although it does take a fair amount of time out of my already packed evenings.

Long story short...bear with me while I sort out our new life :)


  1. I'm going back to work beginning of September. Unlike you, I'll have time to prepare the new routine smoothly. Even though, I just know it's going to be tough. Hang in there Michelle, everything will fall into place thanks to your organizational skills. Meanwhile, don't forget to breathe deeply a couple of times in the day. It might help.


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